Combine the Head and Heart to Find Clarity and Compassion (with Wes Bertrand)

Episode 32 · August 29th, 2020 · 2 hrs 11 mins

About this Episode

[Wes Bertrand]( is a huge reason this podcast exists. If you appreciate the psychological underpinning of Exponentially Empowered, you won't want to miss this episode.

-The elephant in the room: domination systems of schooling, religion, parenting, government
-Massive fear, massive distrust, and inter-generational transfer of trauma
-Tossing out the shame/blame, good/bad paradigm

-Status-quo bias
-Government doesn't exist in physical reality
-Does religion respect the child's mind? What is the nature of nature?
-The law of non-contradiction

-Non-Violent Communication intertwined with Internal Family Systems Therapy
-Self-leadership, protector parts, inner critics, exiled parts
-The needs behind protector parts
-Role play with an inner critic
-Self-Acceptance along your journey of growth

-Lack of clarity for both left and right
-Innocence Project, not seeing the elephant in the room
-Unseen costs from existence of government

-Psychedelics as means of inner healing
-Start where you are, heal each day, climb the mountain

Non-Violent Communication (3-hour workshop, worth it)

NVC Needs Inventory

Stolen Concept Fallacy,_fallacy_of.html

Teal Reinventing Organizations

The 4 S's of Parenting

School Sucks Podcast - Adverse Childhood Experiences

IFS Institute

Innocence Project with Joe Rogan

Mahler, Symphony No. 3

Alice Miller - For Your Own Good, Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and the Roots of Violence

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