True Self vs. False Self

Episode 27 · July 27th, 2020 · 26 mins 42 secs

About this Episode

The True Self loves unconditionally.
The False Self sets conditions.

The True Self is real.
The False Self wears masks.

The True Self sees the inner child.
The False Self guards against the inner child.

The True Self is honest and logical.
The False Self pretends and lives contradictions.

The True Self seeks self-actualized joy.
The False Self seeks lizard-brain comfort.

The True Self is an assertive alive person.
The False Self is a nice dead person.

The True Self questions.
The False Self conforms.

The True Self is open and compassionate.
The False Self is closed and stern.

The True Self is courageous.
The False Self is evasive.

The True Self sees the False Self, accepts her compassionately, and thanks her for protecting her during fearful times of the past.

The True Self invites the False Self to merge with her in integration, to trust her in getting needs met.

The False Self is the caterpillar.

The True Self is the butterfly.